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Multiple-tech Development

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Agile Project Management

Application Development
Start digitizing your business processes without relying on canned technology. Your business is unique and requires tailored solutions. We’ll develop applications customized to your specific business needs.

Mobile Application

Earn a space in your customers’ mobile phones. Let them always be reminded that you are within reach.

Web Application

Website, e-Commerce Site, Reports Dashboard — be known and do business as far as the internet reaches. The world is your market.

Work Tools

You’re already doing great. Automate your business processes to achieve even better productivity.

Systems Integration

An interconnected business is a manageable business. If you’re still manually extracting and uploading data, you’re spending more time on routine tasks than what’s necessary.

IT Staff Augmentation
We think that you can re-allocate the time you’re supposed to spend on hiring to doing the work you’re best at. We are experts in finding the perfect people for your IT Team, so we’ll do it for you.

Staff Augmentation

Fill up lacking positions in your team with our personnel. Leave the recruitment and resource management to us and get to focus on your projects more.

Managed Service

Delegate an entire business process to us; we’ll take care of the expertise, people, and tools. All you get are results.

SMS Connectivity
Facilitate your own bulk SMS campaigns through a simplified, fast, reliable and secure SMS connectivity platform. Do more things with SMS than just promo broadcast.


Our application-to-person or A2P messaging allows your system to send mass text messages like product promotions, announcements, alerts or reminders.


Transactional messages such as order confirmations or shipment status notifications will help keep your customers’ minds at ease, knowing that their transactions have been quickly acknowledged.


Protect your business and your customers against fraud through the power of mobile number verification. Reduce the risk of identity theft by confirming your users’ identity via a one-time password (OTP) sent directly to their mobile phones.


Use our 2346 Access Code to Facilitate your Promo. Instead of having participants send an envelope of entries or keep raffle coupons, turn them all into mobile and instant redemption.

Ready-to-use Platforms
We continue to productize our solutions so that you can start using them whenever you need to.

Enable your company to facilitate your own bulk SMS campaigns through a simplified, fast, reliable and secure SMS connectivity platform. Set your contact list and start sending branded or personalized messages in bulk.

Distribute electronic PINs or currencies securely using our top-up platform. Manage your budget and disbursements easily with built-in analytics and comprehensive reports.

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