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Augmented Reality: The Future of Advertising

by Allison Datut Augmented reality (AR) is defined as the technology in which it superimposes digital objects into the real world. Last year, many countries, including the Philippines were able to have their first taste of it through the free smart phone application, Pokemon go. It was a hit as every player had the opportunity to “catch” their own pokemon live anytime, anywhere. Later on, G
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Should brands become an advocate of a social cause?

by Claire Linatoc  To act or not to act? An average person spends almost nine hours a day on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Most of the time, people don’t just spend those nine hours chatting with their friends or browsing through the latest set of memes. Social media right now is a platform for all sorts of social and political issues. You canno
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