Ready-to-use Platforms
We continue to productize our solutions so that you can start using them whenever you need to. Our early fruits of labor allow you do your SMS campaign yourself and top-up customers with mobile load and other digital currencies.

Enable your company to facilitate your own bulk SMS campaigns through a simplified, fast, reliable and secure SMS connectivity platform. Set your contact list and start sending branded or personalized messages in bulk.

Distribute electronic PINS or currencies through our platform and manage your budget and disbursements with analytical presentation of reports.

More from ESG

Application Development

You can have automation and not rely on canned technology. Your business is unique and requires tailored solutions. We’ll custom develop applications for you.

IT Staff Augmentation

We’ll take care of hiring the right people for you. You spend your time doing things you’re supposed to do at work.

SMS Connectivity

Telcos are our partner and we connect you to them. Instantly reach your customers and let them know what your business is up to.