2016 had been a great year for digital and mobile marketers, with the rise of different platforms that inspired them to be more creative with their content. Wence Wenceslao, Group Head of Rising Tide, shares her insights on trends that took over 2016, as well as technologies that marketers have to look forward to in 2017.

Q: What were the significant digital trend have you observed in 2016 in terms of platform?

Wence: Brands embraced more of video content marketing, driving meaningful engagement through video storytelling. It’s good that brands become a part of consumers’ lives through the relevant content they push. Consumers share video content they find interesting to their social media circles. Brands also went big on social, exploring channels and its features to tap various customer segments. There’s Snapchat, Facebook Live, Facebook 360, Instagram Stories– lots of things to play around with.

Q: What were brands’ behavior in terms of advertising? 

Wence: Brands are more attuned with performance-based marketing. It’s not enough you get reach and engagement — you  have to convert these consumers into sales. And there are several consumer moments, user flows, media platforms and analytics to drive these brand objectives.

Q: What was the behavior of Filipinos in digital for 2016?

Wence: Smartphones continue to rise, with the smartphone prices decreasing. It’s a win for consumers! Social media is huge as well, especially telcos provide free access to acquire and/or retain more of their subscribers. Filipino consumers watched more videos, especially in Facebook, and they’ll interact with brands more through the branded social media platforms.

E-Commerce growth grew as more customers are now confident to shop online. And of course, it can’t be helped that there’s the rise of fake news today, which swayed a lot of decision-making. Well, politically anyway.

Q: What digital trends do you see continuing or starting for 2017 that consumers and businesses should look out for?

Wence: Here are a couple of things:

  • Video will still grow and brands will do more of video-first communication strategies.
  • AI will be big and you can see it in channels where people interact with brands.
  • Marketers will continue to look for mobile-first or content-rich strategies.
  • More brands will be bringing their brick-and-mortar online– the question is if they want to do it as a standalone or included in a marketplace/online retail store.

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