Aiming to establish a strong social media marketing strategy? Take note of these metrics and keep measuring them accordingly.

Audience Demographics

Measuring the audience demographics helps you stay on track with your target market. It gives you an insight about the location, gender, age, interests, profession and other categories of your audience, giving you the statistics of your potential customers.

Reach & Followers

The reach metric regulates the number of users your posts have reached within and outside your followers. It helps you determine whether your posts are being shared enough since your reach wouldn’t expand unless people would share your posts or you would pay for ads. This metric also lets you know when it’s time to pay for ads to increase your reach and gain new followers.


Measuring engagement helps you discover which content gains the most likes, reactions, comments and shares. It helps you determine which topics captured the attention and interest of your audience. Therefore, with the results, you’ll be able to predict which types of content, in which platforms, you need to produce in the future.

Referral Traffic & Click Rates

You can measure referral traffic using Google Analytics. It informs you with the kind and amount of traffic your website is getting from your social media marketing initiatives. It also helps determine how that traffic performs upon arrival. Meanwhile, you can measure click rates using social tracking systems. If upon measurement, you’ve found out that your social platforms aren’t bringing enough click-through, then it’s time to improve your linking habits and calls to action.

We hope this has helped you learn more about social media marketing. Comment your thoughts.