Before hitting that “Boost Post” button, please take time to read this step-by-step guide on how you can properly boost your Facebook post for greater reach and engagement.

Check the “Insights” tab to determine which post is best to boost.

Click the “Insights” tab on the header of your Facebook page. Then, click the “Post” tab on the left. It will show you the actual number of reach and engagement of your shareable social media post. From there, you can decide which post to boost. We suggest that you boost a new “vital” post. You can also boost a one-week-old photo, video or announcement that has previously (even without paying for ads) gained more engagement.

Indicate your target audience.

Click the “Boost Post” button on your Facebook post. A window will pop-up and ask you to pick your audience and to add an optional button (Learn More, Shop Now, etc.). Under the Audience tab, select “People you choose through targeting.” From there, you can indicate the location of your target market, the age group, gender and their profession (optional).

Note: Never settle for People who like your page.” Your post wouldn’t reach beyond your followers unless they share your posts.

Specify the length of boost and your budget.

Finally, you can specify the number of days you’d like your post to be advertised as well as the budget you would allot per day. Make sure not to boost your post too long. Two to five days are usually enough. If this would be your first boost, test the waters first. About $3 to $5 might be good for a start.