Are you planning to conduct a qualitative or quantitative market research using social media? The following tools are highly recommended.

Social Mention

If your social media market research has something to do with trends, use Social Mention. This tool collates global user-generated content into a sheet of information. You’ll be able to see various data from more than 80 social media channels based on “strength,” or the probability of a certain topic being tackled. In this tool, you can easily search for terms and keywords relevant to your business.

Survey Monkey

This popular tool is perfect for sending surveys to thousands of social media users. For only $35 per month, you can already list unlimited questions per survey. But if you don’t need much, you can avail their free plan for a maximum of ten questions per survey.

Facebook Audience Insights

You can use this tool for a quantitative market research on Facebook. It gives you the demographics of your followers, target market, page visitors and/or likers – their age, gender, location, interest, etc.


This tool is the Twitter counterpart of Facebook Audience Insights. By simply entering a Twitter username in Followerwonk, you’ll be able to see the composition of that page, the number of followers, recent activities, keywords used, the region of followers, online authority, and more.

Up Close & Persona

This tool can help you in conducting a qualitative research about customer behavior, shopping motivations, and the factors that influence their buying decisions. They have a list of questions that you could use in conducting surveys, interviews and online group discussions.