If your business has social media accounts but you’re not seeing enough engagement, we suggest you to start adapting the following social media trends. They have worked wonders on brands across the globe. They could also be profitable for your business.

Instagram Stories

Instagram users with over 10,000 followers can add a link to their stories. This is a big deal since the only other place to post a link on Instagram is on your bio or profile. And we think it’s the best social media marketing feature of Instagram stories. It definitely brings more traffic to your website, blog, videos, etc. And who knows? Your next sale could be just a “swipe up” away.

Paid Advertisements

A social media advertisement comes in various forms. It can be a boosted post. It can be a video ad in the middle of a vlog. It can be a paid post of a credible social media influencer. Social media ads must be executed properly so they could reach your target market. That way, you’ll attract more users, gain more followers, heighten online engagement and also gain more sale conversions.

Live Videos

Research shows that 80% of social media users prefer to watch live videos than read a blog. Also, users share videos more than they share blogs. Hence, companies go “live” during events, when launching of products or services, for special announcements, and other marketing campaigns. You can create live videos on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and other social media sites for digital marketing. The bandwagon started in 2017 and is still widely used by companies globally.

Go ahead and adapt these social media trends to gain more benefits out of your social media accounts. All the best!