What separates superstars like Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga from other artists who were once on top of their game? The answer: It’s their ability to stay relevant despite the changing of the times.

The same can be said about digital marketing. Being relevant should always be a part of a brand’s core strategies. There is tough competition in the cluttered digital sphere. To stand out, brands must be able to create real-time, meaningful and relevant content that people would relate to at the time.  This is why digital marketers have now included moment marketing in their efforts.

Take for example Valentine’s Day. Prior to February 14, several brands have released various love-themed content such as videos, static images and content promotions to drive engagement. Some of these executions have since gone viral. This only proves that timing is equally as important as the creation of quality content.

Here are some Valentine’s Day campaigns that have captured our hearts:

Jollibee’s Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series

Jollibee took the world by storm when they released their Kwentong Jollibee Valentine series. Composed of three cinematic videos, Jollibee banked on the power of emotions to capture their audience’s attention. The three videos–Vow, Crush and Date–which showcase different types of love are all inspired by true stories.

Since their launch, the videos now have a total of 36 million views on Facebook alone. This is a testament that perfect timing and powerful storytelling should never be underestimated.

AirAsia Philippines’ Love Is In The Air

For the fourth year in a row, AirAsia Philippines drove engagement by inviting their fans to celebrate the season of love by showing how they express their love & appreciation to their loved ones through photos. The premise may be simple, but the responses are heartwarming. With over 1,000 users declaring their love for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, who wouldn’t get overwhelmed?

Lush Cosmetics North America’s #BetterTogether

International cosmetics brand Lush released an inclusive Valentine’s Day campaign which features photos of same-sex couples taking a bath together. The images were retweeted and share more than a thousand times. Lush showed that indeed, #LoveWins.

Minola Cooking Oil’s Gusto

Minola Cooking Oil released a video featuring a man walking down the streets at night alone while encountering couples displaying intimacy. The big reveal happens at the end when he comes home to his male partner who happened to prepared a meal for him. Like Lush, Minola Cooking Oil celebrated all kinds of love by featuring a same-sex couple.

The video has since been viewed more than 800,000 times. Who would have thought a cooking oil brand can also win the hearts of Filipinos?

There is no denying that compelling content can capture that audience’s heart, but the impact of being timely and relevant should never be underestimated.