by Destiny De Guzman

In today’s competitive market, search engines play a large role in the discovery of a brand’s website. Majority of search engine users are more likely to click on either of the top five (5) suggested websites on the first page of a search result. In order to remain competitive, it is important that a brand understands how to better their search engine rank and ultimately become part of the top five—this is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in.

Search engine optimization is a cost-efficient process that entails improving the quality of a brand’s overall website so that both users and search engine robots can understand. Search engines will then figure out what each page is about through the SEO, and how it can help users with search queries.

One of the key elements in SEO are the keywords—these are the words or phrases that are relevant to what a user might search for. For example, a user looking for keywords such as “detergent” and “laundry powder” are most likely looking for a brand of detergent they can use. These words must be placed strategically in the website so that search engines can pick it up and relay it as a useful and informative website on the front page.

Now we should ask — why is it so important? SEO helps create an overall better website for your brand and here are its effects:

Better Customer Rapport

Having a pleasant user experience will help increase website traffic—and better website traffic can lead to many things: feedback on how to improve, generation of more sales, gaining the trust of the visitor, and many more. Keeping your visitors happy and well informed about the brand and products offered helps them trust in the company.

Aside from this, users who have a pleasant experience with website experiences tend to improve the word-of-mouth marketing for the company. Nowadays, however, word-of-mouth is done through unsolicited social media promotions made by users of the website—thus, social media marketing will also be improved.

Improved Usability of A Website

A website that is easy to navigate has many benefits, such as: increased website duration, decreased bounce rate, and generation of product sales. Easily navigable websites lead to users exploring more about the brand and the products that are offered. If it’s difficult to search for certain tabs such as “About Us” and other information about the product, visitors are less likely to attempt to get to know the brand better and may “bounce”. A bounce occurs when a user only looks at one page on the website rather than viewing other pages on the site.

Gives You An Edge Over Competitors

Ramping up your content by targeting your audience, coming up with content that is shareable, hard to replicate, and makes people want to visit your website is important. This is how SEO makes your brand more competitive, as you may feel more inclined to come up with content that can appeal to the keyword demand as well as your audience.

SEO is a cost-efficient method of improving the brand’s overall content quality which will, in turn, generate sales for the brand by placing it in a high position amongst search engine rankings.