Countless debates were done trying to answer which between traditional marketing and digital marketing is better. The truth is, we can’t conclude with general bases. Companies have different requirements. For some, the best thing to do is to integrate both marketing strategies for optimal results. Here are three ways to integrate traditional and digital marketing:

Include your digital accounts and website(s) on marketing materials and advertisements.

Adding the company website, social media accounts and email address(es) in billboards, newspaper ads, magazine features and brochures is one of your best options. Also, TV ads and radio ads are proven to deliver fast results and return on investment for most businesses. Might as well creatively mention your digital accounts on those ads as well. Surely, you’ll gain followers and loyal customers in no time.

Run “print” campaigns through email.

You can do what print companies do – deliver broadsheets to their subscribers – online. Start with finding leads and collecting contact information. Then you can start running magazine campaigns and digital newsletter via email. Make sure to create relevant and high-quality content to prevent being marked as spam.

Include QR codes on your print ads.

Have you noticed the barcodes or QR codes on some print advertisements? When scanned, those codes lead readers to the website or social media page of a company. This is another advanced yet effective strategy in bringing more traffic to your website for SEO scores and more sales.

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