Most businesses run advertisements online. Some SME (small and medium enterprise) owners would even try to set up their own accounts and run digital ads for themselves, such as self-service Facebook or Instagram ads.

While it may be easy to run your own advertisements, how can you truly measure success? There are reporting tools available but how can you maximize your budget and optimize your performance?

What most brands and businesses are used to is that they hire a digital agency, they give them a goal, then a corresponding budget. This is the old way of doing things. Now, we have Performance-Based Marketing, wherein you pay the digital agency based on the performance of the campaign.

What is Performance-Based Marketing? 

Performance-Based Marketing drives results. It is a type of interactive marketing which pays on a “performance” basis. Sample goals that an agency using this kind of method can commit to are sales, engaged app users, impressions, leads, registrations, reach, fans, clicks, and app downloads.

One of the reasons why you should consider Performance-Based Marketing is that you get real business results from your digital marketing efforts. Another is because you maximize advertisement performance through constant optimization. Last but not the least, you can measure the returns of your digital spend, even up to the last click!


Guaranteed return of investment

The return of investment is the focus of every campaign, which uses proprietary tools. This includes qualitative expertise through bespoke customer acquisition strategy via tailored recommendations. Another is the use of sophisticated tracking technology based on performance targets to ensure optimum responsiveness. There is also the use of a premium network and delivery of analytics to monitor client strategy and boost cross-lever strategies.

Rising Tide is one of the few companies in the Philippines that offer Performance-Based Marketing. We offer channel expertise across SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid search, affiliate marketing, performance display, conversion optimization, and dynamic creative optimization.

If you are interested for this change and you want to try out Performance-Based Marketing, feel free to contact us at contact@